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  • Julia Charles

An important day for bees...

I loved hearing about the winning design of the BBC Radio 2's Big Bee Challenge garden. Huge congratulations to Izabella, aged 10!

A few days ago I popped into National Trust Greys Court for a bit of plant immersion with my camera, a favourite pastime. There was one flower border in particular that caught my eye because it was absolutely buzzing....wildlife everywhere - bees, hover flies, butterflies and moths and they were just the ones at eye level (I am quite small but they were tall plants!). It was great to just stand still and watch and listen. I'm sure that you like me probably don't do that enough.

My own garden has been full of wildlife this year too and thank goodness there is now a greater focus on the benefits of these essential creatures.

I look forward to my next visit to Greys Court to see what has changed in the lovely gardens there.


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