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London Courtyard

This garden was influenced by the client's love of the earlier works of designer Luciano Giubbilei. The enclosed garden with tall boundaries measured 13.5 x 8m and was on two levels.  The main access via patio doors on the lower ground floor.


Two existing trees were to be retained, and the new planting to be

kept simple. 

The owner's were keen to 'live' in their garden and so separate dining and lounge areas were created.  Parasol trees give height, privacy and a sense of enclosure whilst a sculptural water feature with running water helps disguise local traffic noise and creates a relaxing atmosphere.


Terraced town house. South facing garden

Client brief:

  • link the garden to the house interior for a unifying effect     

  • dining area with privacy

  • evening relaxation area

  • water feature with soft sound of water to hide traffic noise

  • 'green up' the boundaries


Budget:    £31,000 + fees

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