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Oxford Courtyard

This courtyard garden measures just 6 x 8.5m with a very prominent view of a large industrial building at the end.  The clients asked for a contemporary garden which contained  planting to provide year-round interest but was easy to maintain.  

The key element in this courtyard is distraction - obscuring the ugly views beyond and turning the focus on the garden. Tall pleached evergreen trees help hide the building and a corten steel pergola gives a feeling of enclosure and privacy. Sculpture, art and a reflection pool in addition to the planting create restful views.

The traditional moodboard shows how the same plan can be transformed into a garden with a completely different style and atmosphere.


Three storey townhouse on the outskirts of the city.  Access to the 6 x 8.5m garden was through the ground floor of the property. 

Client brief:

  • low maintenance garden with easy-care planting                        

  • calming water feature

  • sense of privacy from neighbours 

  • include sculpture art 

  • new full width balcony with access to the garden

  • dining / breakfast area in the sun

  • terrace for relaxing and entertaining in the evening sun

Budget:   £25,000 + fees

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