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Chilton Contemporary

Work in progress


Making the most of the sun is key to this east facing garden.  By introducing a small terrace at the far end, the afternoon and evening sun can be enjoyed in addition to the morning sun on the terrace adjacent to the house.

Originally quite a traditional garden with some curves, the clients were keen for a  complete contrast with a contemporary fresh look, a bold colour scheme and modern sculpture. 

Smooth stone shows off the planting and the seating areas introduce a different kind of paving to create zones or 'rooms' so that there is a sense of journeying and arrival around the garden. 

Clipped box cubes, sometimes standing alone and in other places surrounded by a looser style of planting give year round colour and structure.  The colour scheme is an exciting mix of harmonious colours with the odd bright contrast to catch the eye and keep the view interesting.

Small trees, clipped as parasols give height and shelter over the afternoon seating area.  This is a lovely way to create a sense of enclosure especially as the garden looks out on to open fields.

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