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  • Julia Charles

Building a Jubilee Garden in all weathers....

Catching up with my journal and recalling the week we built the Jubilee Garden at Goring-on-Thames. I was thrilled to be invited to tender for this garden and to win the contract was very exciting. The parish council loved the structure created by the 'ribbon' posts and that they served several purposes - they give height to the garden in the months when some of the plants are low to the ground and they also act as a barrier to cars (which was part of the initial brief). Explanations for the design, colour scheme, tree and plant choice are detailed on the Jubilee Garden page in my Portfolio, but here are some images of the actual build.

We had a very hot start to the week which was lovely to work in, but it got progressively colder and whilst planting on day 4, we had to cope with strong winds and snowy hail whilst pickaxing our way through the stony ground. A huge thank you to neighbour Frances who kept us topped up with tea and biscuits and whose kindness got us through many hours of hard labour !

We built the garden in the last week of March. I was keen to get the plants in as early as possible so that they'd enjoy some 'April showers' to help them settle in, except we had an incredibly dry April - I think it rained once! Special thanks to Roger from the Parish Council for watering the garden... much appreciated by the plants and me :-)


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