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  • Julia Charles

A photo shoot in my garden...

Last week I had a busy few days working with a photography team who were using my garden as a location for their garden furniture and accessories shoot. Quite a bit of work leading up to it to ensure the garden was in pristine condition but it was great to see how good it looked just before they arrived.....before product and equipment was scattered around.

The weather was fantastic for the three days (although we might have considered 27 degrees a little too hot for working outdoors), but it was great to be outside during our mini heatwave.

Pretty much all areas of the garden were used including a more relaxed woodland area, formal lawns, borders and patio. We love Acers and have quite a few in pots (the

soil here is too alkaline for them). They appear in quite a lot of the shots as they provide such lovely shadows and foliage interest. This could quite possibly be an excuse to extend our collection!


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